Invited Speakers

Dr. Patrice Moulton
Serving as a Fulbright Specialist in Nepal
Full-professor in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Patrice Moulton is currently serving as a Fulbright Specialist in Nepal from her home University, Northwestern State University, Louisiana, U.S. where she teaches as a graduate full-professor in Clinical Psychology. Dr, Moulton is an author of numerous text books in the field. She is licensed as a psychologist, a professional counselor, a marriage & family therapist and an addiction therapist. She also sits on the board for. Nepali NGO and has worked in Nepal for the past 7 years.

Ingunn Dreyer Ødegaard
Norwegian Clinical Psychologist
Working in Oslo Municipality

Ingunn Dreyer Ødegaard, is a Norwegian clinical Psychologist. After graduating from the University of Bergen three years ago, She has been working in Oslo municipality. Her work has been as a therapist in outpatient care with teenagers and younger adults. For the past year she has been working with school psychology. Assessment of teenager’s learning abilities and mental health, and giving advice to schools is the central task. She lived six years in Nepal as a child (until 14 years old), in Kathmandu. She has been engaged in Himal Partner’s mental health focus area since 2010, mostly as a volunteer. At the time of Himal Partner’s Mental Health capacity building project, she worked as a project advisor (2012-2014, part time). She also wrote her master’s thesis on trafficking in Nepal.

Dr. Nimisha Kumar
MA, M.Phil, PhD MSc
Founder President, Indian Association for CBT

Dr. Nimisha Kumar, MA, M.Phil, PhD MSc. (CBT) is the Founder President, Indian Association for CBT which she set up in 2016. She is a practicing Psychologist (CBT expert) and academician specializing in the areas of CBT in Indian context, Resilience focused CBT, early childhood development, among others. She received a Commonwealth Scholarship in 2003 for study in the UK. She has worked at premier Institutes in New Delhi such as AIIMS, Maulana Azad Medical College, and Sitaram Bhartia Institue of Science and Research. She has over 15 years of Practice experience in CBT. She regularly takes CBT workshops and sessions at NIPPCD, NCERT, Jamia Millia Islamia. She has been posted as Assistant Professor, Centre for Early Childhood Development & Research, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi since 2011. She has been involved in teaching, training, and research in CBT and Psychology since 2001. She is a member of the Research Ethics Committees at Max Hospital and DIPSAR. New Delhi.

Dr James Courtney
Clinical Psychologist and academic
with Monash University in Melbourne Australia

Dr James Courtney is a clinical psychologist and academic with Monash University in Melbourne Australia. He has significant expertise in the management of trauma related mental health disorders in victims of natural disasters, military personnel, police and emergency services workers. Of note, Dr Courtney was the lead clinician with the state-wide trauma service in the years following the Black Saturday Bushfires in 2009; Australia’s largest natural disaster. This role encompassed both the management and delivery of clinical services for emerging trauma related mental health outcomes across the rural community where PTSD, depression, anxiety and numerous comorbid conditions were prevalent yet remained largely untreated. Dr Courtney is a keen advocate of the accurate assessment of trauma related mental health conditions, with a focus on the medium to longer terms needs of survivors. Dr Courtney currently works with the post graduate Doctoral program at Monash University with a focus on clinical training and continues to focus on the area of trauma related mental health.