Approximately 30% of the population of Nepal is suffering from mental health problems according to various studies. However, the exact rate of the prevalence has not been established yet due to lack of epidemiological studies at the national level.

Over 90 percent of the population requiring mental health services has no access to treatment at all.

Adverse impact on the mental health of Nepali people has gone largely unnoticed due to stigma and society’s reluctance to talk about it and seek the professional support openly. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Nepal ranks 7th having higher suicide rates globally.  Suicide is now one of the leading causes of death for women of a reproductive age in Nepal. The above facts and figures clearly show that developing countries are more vulnerable to the burden of mental illness, clearly indicating the need to address this silent epidemic from all sectors.

To invigorate the discourse on the current state of mental health in Nepal, International Mental Health Conference Nepal 2017 has been planned to be organized this year. The conference will bring together the institutions, individuals and other concerned stakeholders in a common platform to discuss the development and promotion of mental health under the theme “Coming Together for Mental Health”.

The objectives of the conference are:

  1. To create a common platform for the government, multilateral and bilateral organizations, health professionals, social workers, the private sector, innovators, academic and research institutions, civil society and right/stake holders to exchange information, ideas, research findings, best practices, and lessons learnt by the researchers and practitioners.
  2. To present the best practices, experiences and cases to the different stakeholders in order to attract investment in the field of mental health, exploration of cost-effective, affordable and feasible interventions, their integration into primary (health?) care and community settings.
  3. To build and strengthen collaboration and cooperation among different like-minded national and International institutions and utilize their resources in catering further the objective of serving the community at large.
  4. To create a common lexicon of Mental health terms in Nepali through the inputs from different concerned stakeholders in order to create uniformity of terminologies while writing articles, reports, books, policies, etc. related to mental health in Nepali Language.

We welcome all the concerned stakeholders related directly or indirectly to mental health in Nepal, for the participation to become a part of the conference and have your say.

Conference Organizer

Government of Nepal (GoN)

Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP)

Department of Health Services (DoHS)

Primary Health Care Revitalisation Division (PHCRD)

Organizing Committee

Chair: Mr. Bhogendra Raj Dotel

Co-Chair: Mr. Suraj Koirala

General Secretary: Dr. Rishav Koirala

Joint-Secretary: Mr. Ram Lal Shrestha

Treasurer: Mrs. Shristee Lamichhane

Joint-Treasurer: Ms. Niva Shakya

Executive Members:

Ms. Bidya Maharjan

Mr. Sujen Man Maharjan

Dr. Mita Rana

Mr. Prabhat Kiran Pradha

Mr. Sagar Dahal

Ms. Sharmila Parajuli

Ms. Solveig A Midtgarden

Mr. Bijay Kranti Shakya

Mr. Shaurabh Sharma

Mr. Sita Ram Prasai

Supporting partners


Collaborating Partners